Code of Ethics

Delaware Trappers Association

In the State of Delaware, there is a long standing tradition of trapping and the harvesting of fur. In order to insure the future of our tradition, we as trappers must be willing to adapt. It should be the duty of each trapper to become as knowledgeable and skillful as possible and to apply those skills and knowledge on the trap line. We must be willing to accept new ideas and new trapping systems when necessary. Each trapper is accountable to every other trapper, in that what one of us does reflects on us all. We should:
1) Obey all trapping regulations, and support strict enforcement by reporting violations
2) Trap in the most humane way possible, following the established best practices.
3) Support trapper’s education 
4) Respect other trapper’s grounds and traps
5) Mentor and support new trappers in ethics, trapping methods, and handling of fur
6) Respect the rights and feelings of others
a. even if you disagree with them
7) Cooperate with and assist wildlife management  agencies     
8) Properly identify and record all trap and snare locations 
a. accurately, and remove all traps and snares when you are finished trapping 
9) Leave the area in such a state that one would not find
a. evidence of a trapper having been there
10) Dispose of animal carcasses properly
11) Always conduct yourself in a manner that will show your respect for yourself and the Delaware Trappers Association.