Thank you for your interest in joining the Delaware Trappers Association. You may become a new member or renew your membership right off our website. One of the most important things that we as Trappers or Hunters can do to protect our heritage and our rights, is to join our National and State Trappers  Associations.

Even if you are not a trapper yourself, the members of the Association are the ones who are out on the front lines everyday doing battle with the those who seek to do away with our heritage and our rights.

To signup online using a credit card or bank account via paypal, (click here).

If you wish to pay by check or money order and mail in the membership form, you may do so by (clicking here) to print out the application.

  • Life member $400.00
  • Annual Bonus Package $65.00 (Package includes T-shirt, Cap and Bumper Sticker)
  • Annual membership $25.00
  • Family Membership $40.00
  • Associate Membership $15.00 (associate members do not hold voting rights and may not hold office)
  • Non Delaware resident Membership $25.00